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Anonymous said: Hmm, not sure about that one. You can, and I'm sorry for suggesting this, contact someone in admissions to see. But I think you'd still have a good chance of getting in. Art and Performance is actually a really good degree. You can do so much in it and the course load isn't as messy as others. People in the career field I'm after have gotten their degrees in it, but continued working as if they got an ATEC degree. Versatile

i think calling and asking how long it might take me to get some things out of the way would be, because if it’s not SUPER long then i might just go, (because someone else is paying for my college) but if it takes a really long time then i might knock out my basics on my own and try again in a couple of years. i have some basics out of the way, hopefully ones that will transfer over into that degree (since it’s all liberal/fine arts) but yeah! thank you for the advice!!


Anonymous said: Oh cool. I actually graduated from there recently. I was a transfer student as well. I suggest taking the core classes at a community college at first. I was in the Arts and Technology degree plan and they had loads of prerequisites for you.

do you think they would still accept me in a could of years after i had applied? i mean i know i would have to reapply so that’s no big but i’m just worried about getting accepted though hopefully if i did it once i could do it again, haha…

oh! and congratulations for graduating! i applied for art and performance, which i hope is the right thing for me if i wanna go…

my favorite tumblr word is underknow

Anonymous said: Are you planning on going to UTD?

i want to!! but i don’t know anything… i don’t know if i’m making a good decision or if it’d be better if i went to a community college first… i’ve already spent a lot of time doing music in a couple of other schools, and i have hazelwood paying for my college right now, which is great, but won’t last forever… i want to do art really bad but i’m not sure if utd is even a good place for it, i just figured “university of texas” would mean easier transferring over credits since i’ve already been to one.

ultimately… yes. i would like to go. i need to talk to my mom about some stuff, get some worries out, figure out financial aid… because really, it was dorm life that was draining me, so hopefully this is better… and hopefully i can keep my job at kroger, and pay for gas and get a really good art education there it’s just that i have no idea what i’m gonna do after that, even though i know i have dreams to chase and goals to figure out

ooh! ut dallas is offering me admission! bless you kara


i closed the curtains so only a peek got through


i closed the curtains so only a peek got through

consideration for the jak fandom: from now on adding jak’s little lighting stripe of hair whenever you color a fanart because look how cute it is

>has a panic attack-inducing phobia
>asks people on a weekly basis to consider tagging it
>continuously doesn’t get tagged
>makes o n e joke about it
>”you fucking weak baby pissant fuck truck shut the fuck up”
>lmao o k a y

maybe not everything is about you specifically and you don’t need to pull a not all _____ to excuse yourself from something



"Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it."
Johnny Knoxville (via fluffynips)