keira’s personality and motives are BOO BOO





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why are you talking to me i don’t care

tomorrow is all about english paper and practice (goal is to go up to the school for at least a lil bit.)

and then WRITING FOR FUN !

omg i’m gonna do a chronological prompts/themes thing for after kagome came home to inuyasha….


Things you didn’t see in the anime: the best arc in all of Inuyasha, featuring Rumiko Takahashi’s greatest character design ever. (Chapters 357 & 358)

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i wish food would just like, appear in my mouth as i thought about it

omg i did something weird with my wrist and it sounded like something ripped instead of its normal popping noise

nothing hurts but that was horrifying

if you’re going to tag insects, could you maybe consider tagging them #insect/#insects and NOT #bug/#bugs? bug/bugs refers to a completely separate word (like “it really bugs me when people pour sprite all over my face) and insect/insects is a lot easier to filter out because it very clearly refers to the thing that anyone blocking that word would be talking about. thank you!


"Praying Mantis VS Laser Beam"

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If you honestly signed that “destroy all cishets” petition, I have no respect for you.

You are why the amount of signatures had to be raised; because people were abusing the petition system for stupid shit like this. You are why petitions for legitimate causes have failed to reach their goal, because the limit had to be raised because assholes like you abused the system.

I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.

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